Men's Leather Αncient Greek Toe Ring sandals

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Simplicity makes this pair of sandals unique. Very easy to wear and really comfortable. The design is inspired by the brave ancient spartan women. By wearing this top fashion pair of sandals, you are wearing and a piece of history, at the same time.

► The shoes sole is not slippery, gives you a perfect support and balance for your feet. Is not slippery on the water.

► The sandals will last for a long time. The more you wear them, the more comfortable they will become as they will stretch in your feet!!!

► Genuine leather that comes from the island of Crete and it is famous for it's superior quality and uniqueness is picked one by one for our leather products.

►The natural color leather is light brown, it changes by the time from the use or the sun. It becomes dark brown and it is the final color, which it looks vintage.

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